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Sunny Side Up Eggs – Made EASY!!!!!!

December 10, 2012


My favorite version of eggs is sunny side up.  Originally, I’d usually order eggs “over easy” in restaurants in order to get the whites cooked and hope for runny yolks.  Now a days, I order omelets to get veggies for breakfast.  But my favorite is sunny side up.  I’ve never gotten them right at home, though I got close when Jerry taught me to add a bit of water and cover the pan with a lid, but as Felicity explains, that waters down the taste.

I read this technique a month or so ago, but this morning I got a chance to try it:

Felicity Cloak’s Perfect Fried Egg recipe in the UK’s Guardian paper.

Which I originally found via The Wednesday Chef.

Just in case you can’t get to the articles:

  • Frying pan, set on LOW burner
  • dollop of butter (other oils work, butter tastes best), heated but not brown
  • crack egg(s) into small bowl (so that you can fish out eggshell chips)
  • slide egg into frying pan
  • cover pan (or just the egg) in the pan
  • set timer for 3 to 7 minutes, depending on your burner temperature (hers for 3, mine for 7)
  • can check briefly as it cooks and recover
  • when done, slide off the pan onto a plate.
  • (fresher & pasture raised hen’s eggs have stronger whites and yolks, so yolks stand higher and whites stay more condensed)

So simple!!!!!  WooHoo!!!!!  You can even prep other things while the egg cooks!  In this photo, I put the eggs over a sautéed Swiss chard stems with leeks.

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