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Now You’re Cooking

October 13, 2012

I found a cute cookbook while reading reviews on Amazon:  Now Your Cooking.  I’ve gotten frustrated with buying cook books only to discover they aren’t helpful to me, so I’ve borrowed this book from the library.  It’s geared to the complete novice.  I’ve finally gotten to the point that I feel basically competent in the kitchen, but I am suspicious that I’m still missing some basic skills.  In pursuit of this, I found a new, local, basic skills class but it’s a big time commitment and I can’t figure out how to fit it into my schedule…  So, I’m hoping that I this book will fill in the gaps for me, or at least show me what they are!

The book’s audience is people who don’t cook at all.  She suggests shifting one’s attitude from cooking is something that is bothersome to do, from cooking is to be minimized and avoided as much as possible to cooking is one of the things you enjoy in life, on a near daily or multiple times a day basis.  One cultivates the skill every time you eat, including when you eat out, you tune into what you are eating, start to focus on what you are eating, learn to evaluate it, develop an attitude of experimentation.  I love the idea of this shift in attitude.  I also love that cooking is something that you can have in common with nearly every person on the planet.

“Read the recipe all the way through before starting:  recipes are NOT mystery novels”.  Know what’s happening at the end before you start.  Great advice.  For some reason, I want to read as I go, it can make for some awkward moments, mid-recipe!

Clean as you go, cleaning is not just a final activity.  Fill your half sink or a dish pan with hot soapy water and clean as you go.  (So that’s why people like two half sinks!)  Clean as you go, it’s much easier to clean a hot pan than to clean it after it’s cooled and the food has set.  p 70  “Dishes that air dry are shinier than wiped dry.”  Ahh, another rational to let God do the drying work!

OK, I’m not sure if I’ll get any farther in the book.  She wants you to learn by doing, by cooking the recipes. But too many of them have gluten, grains, sugar, etc.  So, I’m not keen to do so…

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